Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Find Your Own Way Home

A game Out source of Dhruva Interactive. I have worked as the Artist for this game, worked on Character Design, Hidden Objects & Hot Spots, One Mini game BG.

Conga Bugs

Worked for a game called Congo Bugs at Dhruva Interactive as Comic Artist.

3D Works

3D works which was created in Free Time. software used are Z brush, 3D Max & Photoshop

Ramayan Texturing

RFP work at Dhruva. Worked on 1&2 Objects Textured.

Gladiator Pit

RFE work at Dhruva, I worked on Illustrator  for Colouring

Isometric Art

Worked for RFP at Dhruva, worked on dragon models & other object Texture works.

Modelling and Texturing of Buildings

Gun 3D Model

A task at Dhruva.